Bai Tho Cruise

Bai Tho Cruise Cruises 4 Star

Location: Halong Bay

It’s so wonderful to spend a night stay Bai tho overnight cruises on halong bay. We always make you pleasant, relaxed and satisfied. With all modern facilities and warmly atmosphere, we are already ready to welcome you to Bai Tho to discover Halong Bay. 


Fully equipped with equipment necessary to comply with international safety standards to ensure that each guest’s trip.

On board we have: 
  • Life jacket
  • Buoy rescue
  • Boat rescue
  • Fire extinguishers in public areas and cabin.
  • GPS, Radar, VHF radio Radio
  • The automated system with voice alarm over ship


  • Launch: 2005
  • Length: 30 m
  • Width: 08 m
  • Capacity: 20 guests
  • Structure: 03 storey
  • 1 bedrooms area 
  • 1 living room, restaurant and bar (capacity 30 guests)
  • 1 sundeck for sunbath and relaxation


Bai tho overnight cruise – 10 cabins can be used for 20 guests in maximum. This cruise has a cabin with double bed and single bed for any family with kids. It’s more convenient for you to take care of your kids. It’s so fantastic to have the whole family members stayed on cruise on Ha long Bay on vacation.

  • Number of cabin: 10 cabins 
  • 4 cabin – 1 double bed
  • 4 cabin – 2 single bed 
  • 2 cabin – 1 double bed and & 1 single bed
  • Area: 12m2 / cabin
 Bai tho twin deluxe roome
Twin Deluxe Cabin
 bai tho double deluxe
Double Deluxe Cabin

Service on-board

  • Kayak (optional services for 3 day-2night cruise)
  • Fishing at night (at complimentary)
  • Reception 
  • Restaurant & bar
  • Karaoke
  • Massage & spaCooking class
  • Tai Chi on deck
  • Souvenir shop 
  • Clothes shop 
  • Luggage Protection
  • Customer Care
  • Tender

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