Bassac Cruise

Bassac Cruise Cruises 4 Star

Location: Mekong Delta

The Bassac take you into the greener areas of the Mekong delta, overnight on the river and into the middle of the life about the river. The Mystic Sampans take you to the floating market with a breakfast, or to a daytime excursion. We offer a truly authentic discovery of the Mekong delta and a cruise in comfort. Without compromising on your comfort, be it accommodation or cuisine, you will be able to get a glimpse of the tremendous activity of the floating markets, of the peaceful life in the countryside and of the bountiful nature in the delta, earning it to be called the rice bowl of Vietnam.


Safety comes first in the design and operation of the ships. Floatation devices are available for all on board and more, redundant alarm and fire detection as well as redundant fire fighting means are present on all the Bassac.

The handrails all around the ship are sturdy and a mesh of rope prevents any kids from falling.
Upon boarding, the passengers are informed of the areas that are open or off-limits to them, and instructed about emergency situations, how to give the alarm and where to meet.


All three Bassac are built of wood according to the tradition of the rice barges of the Mekong delta, with amendments where safety standards require. 

Bassac I actually once was a rice barge, which we bought and overhauled into the cozy cabin cruiser it is today, and although Bassac II and III are entirely new hull designs, more adapted to their present purpose, they were built with the same craftsmanship and according to the same tradition.

Flag:    Vietnam
Class: VR-SI, river cruiser
Displacement: 190 metric tons
Length: 105′ / 32m
Beam: 25′ / 7.80m
Draft: 4’2″ / 1.30m half-loaded
Propulsion: 2 Cummins 12 liter atmospheric engines designed for 5000 hours operating a year.
Navigation: Can operate by night and in bad weather
7 days cruise
Owing to its large engines and specially designed hydraulics, the Bassac II can pull up to 12 knots and go upstream the powerful Mekong, even facing strong currents. 
As the Bassac II has a shallow draft, she can go through all the main waterways regardless of the tide. 

8 cabins in the front of the main deck:
6 with twin bedding, 2 with a double bed.
2 large double-bedded cabins in the front of the hull.

Heat and sound insulation in each cabin.
Air conditioning, private access.
En suite bathroom with shower and toilet
The comfortable cabins are set in the front of the Bassac II or on the upper deck and well insulated so as to provide the passengers with a good night’s sleep even if under way. They are entirely fitted with wood, and equipped as rooms in a good hotel. Owing to a large heat exchanger on the main engines, the Bassac II produces enough hot water for many showers a day. 

Restaurant and bar
The 500 square feet at the stern of the main deck accommodate the restaurant and the bar can be completely opened to outside for you to enjoy the evening.
Upper deck 1500 square feet, mostly shaded. 
The front is fit for sunbathing and rest on sunbathing couches; 
The bar at the back welcomes you for a drink outside as the sun sets.

Upper deck 1500 square feet, mostly shaded. 
The front is fit for sunbathing and rest on sunbathing couches; 
The bar at the back welcomes you for a drink outside as the sun sets.


The Bassac are three cabin cruisers entirely built of wood in the Mekong delta and according to the local marine traditions, without compromising on the standards or comfort and safety. They are built for short- to medium-range cruises and are particularly adapted for discovery cruises, open to outside and offering an immediate contact with the green surrounding of the ship.

Service on-board

The Bassac all offer 24-hour power and air-conditioning in cabins fitted with fire detection and fire fighting. A bathroom en suite with every cabin offers hot and cold water all the time. 

The galley is suitable to serve refined meals and uphold the best sanitary standards, even for groups of up to twice the bedding capacity of the ship.


Be it in our restaurants, Sao Hom and Nam Bo in Can Tho, on the Mystic sampans or on board the Bassac, cuisine is one of our better assets, as we offer meals cooked and baked afresh including the bread and pastry for breakfast. As the Bassac have their own galley, they are very reactive to meet the needs and tastes of your passengers, even in case a surprise cake would be de rigueur.

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